Your routers is full of features that make it easier to use, but these same properties often make it less secure.

So everyone should know and change some important things about their home router and these are:

  • Update the firmware.
    You may be able to do this with the click of a button, or you may have to go to your router’s support page, download the latest firmware, and manually upload it to your router.
  • Reset to factory settings.
    If your router offers to back up your settings, do that now—just in case. Then find the option to restore your router to factory defaults, and click on it. This will erase your settings, but also ensure any previous hacks will no longer compromise your system.
  • Change your password.
    After restoring your router to factory settings, it’ll go back to using the default password. This is bad since these codes are easy for anyone to find online. So look for the option to change the router login password. This is not the Wi-Fi code, which we’ll get to in a moment, but the password you use to log into this web interface.

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